Fused Glass: The Artisanry of Frances and Michael Higgins

Catalogue for exhibition at Fifty/50 Gallery
November 21, 1985-January 22, 1986
Introduction by Frances and Michael Higgins
Softcover; 10 pages; 14 photos

After meeting at the Chicago Institute of Design in 1947 (and marrying the following year), Frances and Michael Higgins embarked on a career as pioneers in the creation of American art glass, executing laminated, fused and enameled pieces using their own special techniques. This catalogue, which accompanied an exhibition at the Fifty/50 Gallery in 1986, focuses on the unique experimental pieces produced by the pair between 1948 and 1958 including glass that is interwoven with copper wire, chips of glass fused into crystalline forms and intricate multi-layered panels. A short introduction by the Higginses, and resumes of the two artists, accompany 14 striking color photographs of their work.