Structure and Ornament: American Modernist Jewelry 1940-1960

Catalogue for exhibition at Fifty/50 Gallery
November 29, 1984-January 12, 1985
Text by Mark Foley, Robert Cardinale, Mark Isaacson
Softcover; 44 pages; 93 photos

This pioneering catalogue accompanied the first exhibition to focus on the American modernist jewelry movement, organized at the Fifty/50 Gallery in 1984. A preface by Robert Cardinale, director of the artisanry program at Boston University, a foreword by Mark Foley and an introduction by Mark Isaacson provide information on the history of modernist jewelry in the United States. The full scope and variety of the movement are illustrated through 93 striking black-and-white photographs, complete with catalogue entries that identify the designer, date and materials of each piece.